No more Pink Saturday?

The future of Pink Saturday is uncertain, according to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The future of Pink Saturday is uncertain, according to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the non-profit group that has hosted the event for nearly 20 years.

The event was started back in 1991 by event promoter Greg Taylor as a way for folks to celebrate after the Pride Parade. The Sisters took over running the Castro neighborhood’s yearly Pride event from the Castro Merchants (formerly…

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Old Pica Pica on 17th for lease

Old Pica Pica on 17th for lease

A posting went up on Craigslistat the end of last month putting the now defunct Pica Pica Maize Kitchen (3970 17th St) at 17th and Castro Chevron Station back on the market. A message went up in the window of the restaurant in January mentioning the space was temporarily closed for maintenance and repairs. Turns out the location just wasn’t cutting it and the restaurant closed up shop only 9…

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Bandidos Restaurant set to open first week of August

Bandidos Restaurant set to open first week of August

A posting went up on Craigslist last week seeking experienced front of house staff for the new restaurant and tequila bar, Bandidoslocated in the ground floor retail space at The Century (2200 Market) at 15th and Market. Throughout the posting the restaurant’s owners (Dana Gleim and Jesse Woodward, Hi Tops) indicated they were looking for high professionalism from all wait staff for their fine…

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2nd phase of Castro Street construction starts Monday

2nd phase of Castro Street construction starts Monday

The first phase of the Castro Streetscape Improvement Project wrapped up just before Pride two weeks ago with wider sidewalks and bulbed out intersection crossings at 18th and Castro. Construction crews cleaned up their equipment to make room for Pride revelers and are now ready to return to work on the second phase of the sidewalk project on July 14th.

The upcoming construction schedule includes…

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SF Boys and Girls Club warns of kids with clipboards donation scam

SF Boys and Girls Club warns of kids with clipboards donation scam

If you’ve ever been to Dolores Park on a sunny day you have probably been approached by kids and young adults running around with clipboards claiming they are doing fundraising for the Boys and Girls Club. Sometimes they’re trying to pay for basketball camp. Sometimes it’s summer camp. Either way, it’s something that has been going on for years.

Well, most of us have already figured out…

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A Battle of Two Wieners?

Is Les Natali opening “Castro Hot Dogs” next to Toad Hall? Or, is this just a battle of two wieners?

If you happen to have walked by the vacant retail space at 4144 18th Street (between Toad Hall and Specs in the City) this past year, you might have seen a sheet of paper posted in the window that read, “Hot dog shop?”. Les Natali owns the space which used to be home to a dry cleaner that vacated sometime in late 2010 / early 2011. One of our readers pointed the sign out to us last year and we…

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Home invasion at Castro and 19th

Home invasion at Castro and 19th

Reporter Nick Smith over at ABC7 News reported a break-in home invasionat a residence near 19th and Castro this morning around 1:30AM. The perp, who got away with a bag of electronics after threatening the couple that he had a gun, is reported to have gained access to the residence through the mail slot on the front door. Investigators tried to track the suspect using one of the stolen electronic…

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Sister attacked on Pink Saturday. Police need your help.

Sister attacked on Pink Saturday. Police need your help.

Police need the community’s help in identifying the attacker of one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and her husband during Pink Saturday festivities in the Castro near 18th and Castro Street.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are the main hosts of Pink Saturday festivities and widely push their “Stop The Violence” campaign year round to help curb violence against LGBTQ people and offer…

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Car crashes into Cliff’s Variety

Car crashes into Cliff’s Variety

Well Pride weekend went off without major incident this year, that is, until this morning around 5AM. A driver of a black Mercedes Benz heading southbound on Castro crossed the lanes, smashed into a stationary concrete trash can and slammed into the side of Cliff’s Variety Store (479 Castro Street) before fleeing on foot according to @GayCastroSF on Twitter and the local CBS station.

No reported…

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The “Hot Cop of Castro” now has his own Facebook Page

Get up to the minute updates in your Facebook “News” Feed about the happenings of the “Hot Cop of Castro”

I haven’t yet posted anything about Chris Kohrs aka the “Hot Cop of Castro”, not because I don’t think he is hot, but because I feel like everyone has heard about this guy ad nauseam. Well I’m jumping into the fray to report that a fan has put together a Facebook Fan Pagewhere people who are curious about what’s going on in Kohrs’ life can get up to the minute updates in their Facebook “News”…

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